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Re: The Walking Dead Season 4

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He goes to the same salon where Darryl gets his hair done.
And where Carol keeps her hair in a perfect lesbian shortness and Maggie goes to keep her skin creamy and moist.

Good episode, my money is still on the pig (or animals) turning. So I wonder if the illness/virus now gets more aggressive and can turn the living now? (Maybe when a person is naturally ill and their immune system is weak?)

Look forward to the season ahead!
The thing is given the poor state of medical care after the fall...even an ordinary disease or infection could prove deadly. The Z Virus does not have to do anything.
Yeah, that's what I'm thinking. People randomly turning makes no sense (and will making it increasingly impossible for our main characters to stay "alive") it makes more sense that the "Z-Virus" everyone is already infected with is able to take over more aggressively when a person's ill from something like the flu (colds are too common and not very aggressive.)

We'll see where it all leads, very interesting. But now, Zombie Harry Potter!
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