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Re: Welcome Fellow Trekkies! The GTD Get to Know You thread

[QUOTE=Sector 7;3775431]What is this prejudice towards Klingons? LOL

I'm not really aware of a prejudice towards Klingons. I've always liked them just fine in the Star Trek Saga. They do come in handy when a "bad" guy is needed. But, I think most are misunderstood because of their proudness of their heritage. They see humans as extreme weaklings...almost pathetic in a way. But that is just the way their society sees things...and it's been unchanged for thousands of years. It was "Might Is Right" and "Only the Strongest Survive." I read that their home-world is really they had to be harsh to survive it. But the same can be said of Vulcan...and the Vulcans are very peaceful...although...some of them view humanity as pathetic as well.
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