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Re: Star Trek: TMP questions and observations

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But the point is that the answer to "What is canon?" is that canon is something mutable and often self-contradictory, something that can be changed and reinterpreted by its own creators. It's not some simplistic seal of approval that you can stick on something to declare it "real" once and for all so that there's no further need to think or wonder. There's always going to be a need for the audience to evaluate and choose for themselves.

In other words, what is canon is every official screen production, but what is "real" within the canon when it contradicts itself is up to the viewer's judgment. Canon is not the final, pre-emptive answer that many people want it to be.
Exactly. Canon simply is; it's not something which must be declared by a higher authority. All of the editions of TMP are part of Star Trek canon -- at least Star Trek movie canon. Which edition is to be regarded in the viewer's mind as part of a larger body of continuity is entirely up to the viewer. Not Richard Arnold.
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