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Re: What's the beef with Chakotay?

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Spock enjoys 3D chess, playing a harp type instrument, art and antiquities and googleing stuff (research). His favorite soup is plomeek but he likes to try new and interesting foods such as marshmallows. He enjoys handling pleasant and furry pets. He is widely read in literature from at least two different planets as well as philosophy and history.

I would defo go for a walk on the beach with him.
Fair enough.

Riker also knew that if Picard got sufficiently irritated with him, he could be transferred thisfast. Janeway didn't have that luxury, and she needed crewmembers who could fight and who knew how to run a ship.
So, Riker only follower orders, not because he's a good first officer, but because he's afraid of being demoted?

Spock's hobbies are music and chess. He has a normal routine for meditation in his quarters, and some sort of shrine. He is a vegetarian, and we know he likes plomeek soup. He doesn't normally drink alcohol, but on at least one occasion he surprised Kirk and McCoy by accepting a glass of brandy.
Same goes for Chakotay, mostly. Only, Chakotay likes to box, carve, and Spirit Walk. Plus, he enjoys Archaeology.

I don't like Riker, but at least he shares two things with Spock: Riker is also a musician, and they both have a personality. That's what Chakotay lacks.
*shrugs* Again, subjective. Personally, I don't get why people think Chakotay lacks personality.
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