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Re: Best tactician? Kirk,Picard, Sisko or Janeway?

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Kirk's "bad tactics" moment in TWOK was not bad writing, IMO. It was part of the theme of the film: he was a guy who'd been out of the game for a long time at that point who, having successfully flown by the seat of his pants and gutted out the perils of overconfidence as a younger man, had to come face to face with the reality as a middle-aged man that you can't get away with that forever. It was probably some of the best work either Shatner or the writers ever did with that character.
A person with medium IQ, with no experience and training whatsoever would not have made the mistake Kirk made in TWOK.
Kirk was utterly PATHETIC. A tactical ignoramus.

Kirk is most certainly not "portrayed as a tactical ignoramus" prior to that. His tactical competence in "Balance of Terror" is better sold and flows more naturally from the script and the events than much of anything we see with later Captains, Archer included. You could tell that script was written by someone who understood and had probably experienced the naval warfare for which the episode's space warfare functioned as analogy.
That would be 'by someone who watched 'The enemy below''. The episode is practically a copy thereof.
And there are quite a few other episodes where Kirk won because he got lucky. The kind of luck that can make one win the lottery.

Archer was written as depending far less on luck than Kirk.
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