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Re: Was Sisko a Javert

Which part of "the colonists chose to live under the Cardassian government" wasn't clear to you?

I'm left wondering exactly what the colonists thought was going to happen to them. First they choose to live perilously close to a hostile government, then they choose to live under that government instead of leaving when they're given the chance, then they decide they'd rather stir things up and risk provoking an interstellar war than move.

If nothing else had persuaded them, I'd have thought Dukat's selling out of Cardassia to the Dominion would have gotten their attention. If I'd been a Maquis, the minute I learned that the Jem'hadar would be "resolving" the situation I would have packed up and fled for the nearest Federation planet. Hell, I might have even made an effort to (re)join Starfleet and worry about my own measly planet after the war was over.

In an age of transporters, replicators, holodecks, etc., "this is our home!!!" is IMO an especially weak argument under the circumstances.
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