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Re: TV version of Wrath of Khan available?

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I think I'm probably in the minority as I MUCH prefer the theatrical version of this classic film. I was gratified it chosen for release on Blu-ray, colour timing issues aside.
Although, to be sure, the theatrical version wasn't really chosen for the current Blu-Ray release because it's necessarily "superior" to the Director's Cut in any fashion (or "worse," either, for that matter).

It's more that the release represents the time-dishonored tradition of the studios putting out near-barebones versions of theatrical editions, followed later by "deluxe" Director's Cut (or multiple-cut) releases down the road.

It's simply Paramount giving itself "multiple bites at the apple," as it were, and is the exact same strategy that they used back in 1998-99 for the initial, barebones DVD releases.
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