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Re: Should Chapel Have Become a Doctor?

If she became a Doctor, I certainly hope she had gained a bit more dispassion and professionalism than she had in the series. She had good scenes sometimes (for example, The Lights of Zetar, Obsession, and of course What are Little Girls Made Of?), but these always seem to be undercut by episodes like By Any Other Name, where she practically blows the whistle on the plan to re-take the ship! McCoy wheels Spock into sickbay, and she keeps questioning McCoy's orders, not catching on to something being afoot.

It makes me think of an All in the Family episode, where Archie was trying to clue Edith in on some deception or other. He's blatantly winking at her while he talks, and Edith responds with, "Do you have something in your eye?".
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