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Re: Homosexuals and Deltans

Here's the thing. I know of several straight -8 guys who have experimented with other guys. This MOSTLY happens during adolescence. These guys are straight, and perfectly happily married...and would not confess to most people about experimenting with other guys. Lots of women do the same thing...but they seem to get a free pass...and nobody thinks strange of it. But many straight guys have experimented 'some' in their lifetimes...and mostly when they were young...going thru puberty.

So...let' say that in the future...most people are supposed to be a bit more tolerable to same-sex experimentation. Let's take a look at Jim Kirk. He's had sex with just about every type of alien there is to mention...but they are always female. In the latest movie, Kirk is awakened in bed with two alien women...with tails. Surly if Kirk has experimented this MUCH...he's had to have at least one session with another guy. And I bet he has. It would have been hilarious if Kirk had partied hard the night before and got stoned...and instead of waking up with the two women with tails...he wakes up with a huge hangover with some naked andorian or Vulcan guy right beside him. It would have been a hoot! This new movie series especially explores Kirk as a HIGHLY sexual being. So...if Kirk is so danged willing to hump aliens....then it shouldn't be so crazy that he might hook up evey now and then with another human, even if it does happen to be male. It personally wouldn't bother me.
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