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Re: Was Sisko a Javert

A minor theft ?

Attacking a Federation starship ?

Attacking a fleeing Cardassian transport from a planet the ' heroic' Marquis poisoined.'

Eddington was only a hero in his own mind.

What the hell did the Marquis think was going to happen. Did the honestly expect that they where the only ones willing to play hard ball.

I get it. The Federation failed you, but they chose to stay behind in Cardassian controlled space. Space is big, findsomewhere else. The price of peace was compromise and guess what they got screwed over it.

Let's not forgot the Marquis used Bio Weapons first, but hey they used it on a defenceless Cardie planet so that makes it ok. It's not like Cardie's have kids or babies do they?

Beside's they're Cardie's and where the holier then thou, under dog Marquis so that makes it ok.

If don't want to get burned, don't start tossing fire about.

And if your willing to use terrorist tactics, don't bitch when someone uses it back.

The Federation is flawed, the Federation considers its image as a Utopia important. But Sisko is no Picard, he doesn't represent the ideal. He represents the reality .

In reality , if your willing to wear Grey hats and call yourself the hero . Then get ready for the guy willing t wear a darker hat and give you a taste of your own medicine.

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