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Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 6

Watched the episode again and from the previews for this coming week's episode - the TABLE SURVIVES! Sorta... looks alright-ish probably blown off its legs but that's fixable

But a part of me wonders if maybe this will prove to Jax and the rest of the club that guns are toxic to the club and that he was right all along - since like the friggin' Pilot episode where he was saying even then that they should get out of guns. They really had more than one chance to just tell the Kings that they were out. And really this is all on Galen that weasly prick. Jax wanted out, he gave them other options

But yeah Jax needs to start TALKING to his club before he ends up with a massive black patch over his reaper tattoo on his back...

I have this feeling that Charming is going to explode into all out war... between the Irish and Samcro and the cops... yikes man
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