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Re: a box of rotting garbage, "standalone episode sh*t" and more trivi

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So, how did "The Siege of AR-558" slip through?
I heard it was because they reduced it to one leg being blown off instead of two.
What is this about? Why does Gene envision a future where bombs don't totally maim you?
No enlightened human being would so disgrace his dignity by allowing a bomb to blow his legs off.
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He had a bust of Gene in his office and he'd blindfold it as a symbol when he would give in and approve something he didn't think Gene would like.

Kinda creepy.
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ENT and VOY as individual series would have been better served if Paramount had stayed with the syndication route, rather than suddenly deciding to use them as linchpins for a new network that had little else of value.
When TNG started, the field was wide open to be exploited. During DS9's run, first-run syndication was a crowded market, and new networks were making the market smaller and smaller. By the time ENT came around, first-run syndication wasn't viable anymore.
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