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Re: What's the beef with Chakotay?

Chakotay doesn't deserve the hate he gets.

I see a lot of people talking about how Chakotay was Janeway's "yes man" but let me ask you this: did Riker ever disobey Picard's orders? How many times does Riker argue with Picard after a decision has been made?

If your answer was "never" or "not often" then would it be fair to say that Riker is Picard's "yes man?" Why the double standard? Doesn't a good first officer carry out his captain's orders? People also criticize Chakotay for being "bland," but since that's such a subjective statement, it's hard to quantify. What measure is "bland?" For example, one could argue that Spock's character is "bland."

What are Spock's hobbies? What does he like to eat? As an exercise, try to describe Spock's personality, without mentioning his job, or the fact that he's a Vulcan. Now, it may seem like I'm trying to raise Chakotay up, by putting Riker and Spock down, so I'll say for a record that I think both Riker and Spock are excellent characters.

But, what do they have that Chakotay doesn't?
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