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Re: Do you like the Spock Prime "Phone a friend" scene?

Sorry for the double post, but another thing about the scene that just occurred to me is this showed character growth in Spock. Let's face it, contacting Spock Prime for the type of information Spock wanted is cheating.

In ST09 Kirk told Spock Prime that going back in time and changing history is cheating. Spock Prime told him it was something he learned from an old friend. In STID Spock is well on his way to becoming more like Spock Prime, someone who understands the importance of regulations and also knows when they need stretching or when they contradict doing what is necessary.

No more "by the book."

I wonder if Spock's log will note that he contacted Spock Prime for information on how to handle an event in his timeline based on events in the other timeline? Any bets it won't?
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