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Re: Should Chapel Have Become a Doctor?

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Which is actually one of the reasons why the film is criticized. As much as fans liked seeing the crew reunited, a lot of people have since observed that TMP suffers from trying to make it appear as though only a short amount of time has passed since the end of the five-year mission. The problem is that over ten years have passed for the actors.
Could be. Worse, though, were The Waltons reunion movies, though their problem was actually the opposite. The family aged, but time seemed to move faster than it should have. They're all still reasonably young during the Kennedy assassination?!? Was there a Guardian of Forever portal on Walton's Mountain? If they made more of those movies, I swear there would have been one based the events of 9/11!

In fact, my rough math actually has the family still going strong when Kirk's Enterprise is launched!
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