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Re: Homosexuals and Deltans

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Just because it isn't immediately obvious that a person is gay, doesn't mean they aren't.
On a TV series? Of course that's what it means. All the main characters sexualities are heterosexual. All romances, sexual encounters, lustful longings and marriages are heterosexual.

I'd say Riker could be pansexual, given that he was once in love with a woman who came from a species with only one gender!
Riker's "girlfriend" in Outcast was in fact female, while androgynous in appearance the J'naii did have two genders.

The production staff don't exist in-unioverse.
But their attitudes, positions on sexuality and fears do manifest themselves within the series.

but the question we must ask is... WHY?
Eugenics, sociological control, political ideology.
None of which seem to apply to the Federation.
Episodes like Measure of a Man, and Drumhead. Bashir's forbidden genetic enhancements.

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