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Re: What happened with Kes and Neelix?

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NEELIX: So, what comes next?
KES: Before we begin the mating process, I have to go through a certain ritual called the rolisisin.
NEELIX: What does that involve?
KES: One of my parents has to massage my feet until my tongue begins to swell.
NEELIX: Er, where do you plan to find a parent?
KES: If Captain Janeway weren't so busy, I'd ask her, but I'm sure the Doctor would do it.
NEELIX: Will that work, since he's not a real person?
KES: The Doctor is very real to me.
NEELIX: I don't know how I feel about him massaging your feet.
KES: It's a ritual. Someone has to do it.
I'm not sticking to my guns on this one, but it's still vague enough to go either way.
I guess I remembered it wrongly.
You were half right and I was half wrong, which means you win.

Remember on Buffy when Riley slept with Faith who had taken over Buffy's body?

Buffy was all "You had sex with her, how couldn't you know it wasn't me!?"

Slide back to PG and Kes could have bee just as hurt that soul mate doesn't really mean like what she always thought it meant, and he couldn't tell the difference between sweet little she and some nazi space####.

Neelix should have fought for her at least as hard as Tuvix did.

But he punked out like a wimp.

Which is not how you write an epic love story.
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