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Re: United Trek Story Archive

Star Trek: Sutherland
by David Falkayn

Star Trek: The Next Generation's Elizabeth Shelby takes command of the USS Sutherland in this series following her crew's voyages set mostly in the pre-Dominion War era. Available at Ad Astra and as PDF downloads.

- Shakedown Cruise (na)
- Shore Leave (na)
- Unraveling Forceful Patterns (na)
- Ties That Bind (n)
- Vigil (vignettes)
- Messages from Earth (n)
- Rocks and Shoals (n)
- Leading with Your Heart (ss)
- Outta Sight (ss)
- Absent Friends (ss)
- Blind Ambition (ss)
- The Masks We Wear (ss)

more to come soon ...
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Now with a complete United Trek story archive.
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