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Re: ENT Caption Competition #94: Intense Looks All Around

Archer: T'Pol and I are not speaking to each other. So for the time being, all bridge commands will be given through text messages.

T'Pol: OMG!

Trip: Why didn't our brilliant plan to fool the Vulcan Captain work?

Hoshi: Well, instead of wearing the proper division color, you just added a pip to your uniform. Instead of having me work up a fake visual of the Captain, you did the whole conversation yourself, need I go on?

Trip: I am so screwed.

T'Pol: I know what you are thinking, "Did she fire 5 shots or 6?" Well, in all this confusion, I have lost track. However, the power cell on this phase pistol is rated for 1,422 shots.

T'Pol fires Phase Pistol.

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