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Re: Making a Star Trek series that fits in with today's TV landscape

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I have always hated the Neilson ratings system. Its like this, a selected small group of people have a box that monitors which shows they watch. Say that group represent a pack of M&Ms. Well the rest of us people represent the warehouse full of M&Ms. YOu open that pack of M&Ms and see that there are more yellow M&Ms in that pack than the other colors...DO you automatically assume that the warehouse has more yellow M&Ms than any other color. Its FLAWED!!! Also, what type of person lets corporation monitor what they watch? Anyways, this is why a crap show like Law & Order stay on the air for decades at a time.
Statistical sampling, if done right, is an incredibly accurate way to measure large numbers.

And why do I care if a corporation monitors what I watch? My credit card company knows what I buy. My cable provider knows what web sites I visit. My cell phone company knows who I call and text.

Companies wouldn't waste hundreds of millions of dollars every year on advertising if they didn't believe in the method of counting who watches what.
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