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Re: USA and UK surviving into the Trek era

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You're moving the goalposts.
The goalposts invented by you? I'm not moving them Sci, I'm just not observing them.

Washington should not become a state, because (as I pointed out) it's just a medium sized city.

... the people of the District of Columbia and of its democratically-elected government, both of whom have made it clear on numerous occasions that they want statehood ...
Which was a shear act of arrogance on their parts.

"We've all decided that our (
medium sized) city is so important in our own minds that it should be it's own state. We all agree among ourselves."

Why does one district get to be a state but not another when it has fewer people?
Gee, because Wyoming isn't the size of a medium sized city?

... as I said before, really the entire Washington Metropolitan Area should be allowed to secede from Maryland and Virginia and form a state.
Why stop there Sci, why don't you take the extra step and form your own country? You know, because you're all so important?

A whole lot of Americans really wouldn't mind seeing you go, trust me.

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