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Re: Was Pulaski not liked by the crew?

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^ Sometimes I think this is what contributes a little to the 'early instalment weirdness' of TNG season one. The writing team apparently had a lot of "thought bubbles" about how these characters know each other, their histories and interactions, which were seeded into early scripts but were pretty much dropped by the end of the first season. At least Riker/Troi got lip service from time to time (for example the episode Menege A Troi in part explores their pre-series backstory a little), but regrettably apart from the brief flashback to Jack's body being brought back we never really got much meat for the Picard/Crusher storyline. Until All Good Things, anyway. I'm led to believe that "The Arsenal Of Freedom" was apparently supposed to explore it a little bit the writers had backed off from it by the final draft script.
Of all the callbacks to the backstory, I did like "The Bonding" where Wesley finally got to tell Picard how he really felt, that he was angry at Picard for his father dying in his command.

As for Pulaski being Bones-like. Other than transporter-phobia thing, I never really got the sense that she was too similar. She is a very atypical but passionate Starfleet officer, but I felt that's what TNG needed for the dynamic as there wasn't someone like that. That's how I felt about Ro's introduction being a big plus for the show.
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