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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

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I love the way playoff baseball is managed. When is the last time you saw a guy get pulled after six with a no hitter in progress?
What's that have to do with playoff baseball? Pretty sure that would have happened in regular season as well. The guy was at 116 pitches after 6. Is there ANY realistic expectation that he goes 3 more innings without ruining his career? It's because it was only 6 innings that it made it EASY to pull him, not harder. It was pretty much a no-brainer from a managing standpoint.

He wasn't going to go the distance, so what was the 'ballsy' way that was managed? Would have been stupid to let him go back out there, he's at 140 after 7 (he was pretty much doing 20ish an inning), was he going to stay in for all 9 and run up 180 pitches? Come on. Maybe you can squeeze one more inning out of him, but it took him too many pitches to get there, he was never going to finish. Would have only been a ballsy move for the manager if he does that when the pitcher's only got 80 or so pitches. Then there's something to talk about.
That said, it was one hell of a performance last night. Ended up a 1-hitter, and even on the Sox side, 1 run on what, 5-6 hits? Pretty tight game all around.
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