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Re: Amok Time repercussions?

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Their biology strips them of their logic at this time...therefore they don't deal with it "logically".
It's understandable for the affected individual not to behave logically, and for the society to find release valves. That's different from the society choosing the particular release valve of battle to the death.

I mean, even you insist on not letting the guy just go work it out with the Vulcan equivalent of a mind-melding "working girl [and/or boy, let's not be heteronormative]," and it absolutely must be a contest-for-the-woman thing, there are all sorts of athletic and/or psychic competitions you could figure out that don't involve battling to the death. Even if the thrill of possible death is required to release the angst of pon farr, there are still many options available that wouldn't involve gladiatorial combat.

(Of course, gladiatorial combat has the advantage of not requiring the budget of filming Kirk and Spock doing an iron-man triathlon.)

Thank you BillJ for the reminder of "Blood Fever." So, the idea was reused once... by Voyager. For whatever that's worth.
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