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Re: What games are you playing currently?

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And I'm waiting for Beyond: Two Souls to be released.
From what i've heard it is an amazing cinematic game but the game aspect is quite rudimentary, i.e. there is not much to really "game" in this product.

I don't know i want to pay 60+ bucks for a movie where i can at times decide what scene will be played next. Might be fun for a while to try out different outcomes but overall i don't really like games that limit me like that (same problem i have currently with Remember Me.. the world looks so cool to explore but there is really only one way you can walk to get ahead in the game, you can't deviate at all).
From what I understand the game will be the same whether you make any input at all which sounds odd. I guess it's whether the story experience is worth it. I've played some interesting indie games that were more art pieces than "game" so I don't want to judge it too harshly but those don't usually run $60 either.

OT, anyone see the NFSW images from the debug version of the game? With it being a likeness of Ellen Page it just makes it extra awkward.
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