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Re: Patrick Stewart interview

Wow. It's kind of hilarious that Patrick Stewart thinks humans shouldn't be allowed to explore space because they are a 'Dangerously savage child race'. I want so bad now to hear a rebuttal from John DeLancie.

An explorer who is assigned to a position where he is humanity's representative to new worlds you can argue has the right to make sweeping statements about the virtue of the race, but playing such an explorer on television does not qualify you to make the same sweeping statements. I may agree that the resources necessary to go to other planets at the moment are better spent on the ridiculous about of conflict and income disparity we have now. So phrase it as a 'Best use of resources' argument, don't phrase it in such an obnoxiously snobbish and judgmental way.

'Not having perfected the race' is no excuse not to explore outward.
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