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Re: How long is a ship used?

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It's very, VERY inconsistent. The TOS/classic movie Enterprise was due to be retired after 20 years (STIII).
And yet when that ill-nformed and badly written admiral said that, the E was already actually 40 years old.
Maybe Admiral Morrow grew up on Mars so he just slipped up and was talking his native Martian years...

Yeah, the 20 years line was because TOS aired 20 years before the release of TSFS. In-universe it doesn't add up. If we discard all backstage materials, and just use on-screen evidence, a 20 year old Enterprise still has problems. In TWOK, Kirk claims that he hadn't seen Khan in 15 years. TSFS seems to follow right on the heels of TWOK so, given Morrow's 20 year line, that would make Enterprise 5 years old during the first season at the time of "Space Seed." But that doesn't add up, because in "The Menagerie" we learn the Spock served with Pike aboard Enterprise for 11 years. If we assume Kirk took over from Pike less than a year before "Space Seed," that still would make the ship at least 26 years old, by the time of TSFS.

On the other hand, Decker claimed that "this is almost a totally new Enterprise" in TMP. But if TSFS is set 20 years after TMP, then those guys aged remarkably well... And that would push back the date of TSFS. In Voyager we learn that the five-year mission ended in 2270. Seems like some line in TMP made it seem like the refit took two and half years. Let's say 2273. Add twenty years and now TSFS takes place in 2293.

However, maybe a 2293 date would make Kirk's reaction to vintage 2283 Romulan ale more understandable...


I have no issues with the Enterprise being 40 years old in TSFS. We are forgetting Capt. April. Captain of the Enterprise before Pike.
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