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Re: What happened with Kes and Neelix?

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NEELIX: So, what comes next?
KES: Before we begin the mating process, I have to go through a certain ritual called the rolisisin.
NEELIX: What does that involve?
KES: One of my parents has to massage my feet until my tongue begins to swell.
NEELIX: Er, where do you plan to find a parent?
KES: If Captain Janeway weren't so busy, I'd ask her, but I'm sure the Doctor would do it.
NEELIX: Will that work, since he's not a real person?
KES: The Doctor is very real to me.
NEELIX: I don't know how I feel about him massaging your feet.
KES: It's a ritual. Someone has to do it.
I'm not sticking to my guns on this one, but it's still vague enough to go either way.
I guess I remembered it wrongly.
I'm female.
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