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Re: Would you like to see Harry Mudd in the new movies?

The thing about Mudd as seen in TOS is that despite the wacky hijinks, there is an undercurrent of him actually being quite a nasty piece of work who simply disguises his true malevolent nature beneath a veneer of rougish charm. He's the kind of guy who buys you a drink at the bar, and is raising a toast to you with one hand while he sharpens a knife with the other. A reinterpreted version of the character could have a lot of room to play with there.

I do agree that he's hardly the most scintilating of adversaries for a movie adventure that is being aimed at a broad audience. But nevertheless it interests me that the producers of both films had enough of a residual like for the character that they seriously did want to try and give him a cameo in the first movie, and ended up name-checking him in the second.
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