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Re: Was Pulaski not liked by the crew?

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I like Pulaski, she fits right in the TNG universe. I prefer Crusher because of her ties to the rest of the crew ( wesley, Picard romance, Jack Crusher backstory ) but I think it would have been cool to have some overlap where both doctors were on the ship.
I've always been puzzled why the show never did anything with the backstory with Crusher and Picard. It's such a nice set up for potential stories, and the most of it we ever saw was in "All Good Things", which by the end was completely erased. Same thing with the story behind Riker and Troi, introduced but totally dropped right after with only a few episodes acknowledging it. It's the odd thing under Berman's leadership that carried over onto VOY where only a mismatched Paris and Torres were allowed, but he restricted the writers from building other relationships.
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