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As to Wise's re-edit. I think it's safe to say that the DE is no such thing. We've discussed it again and again, and the DE feels like a fan edit that Wise said yes to. There's some good editorial choices and a lot of head scratchers.
According to the DVD documentary "Redirecting the Future," Wise himself personally supervised the re-cutting after approaching the Paramount executives about wanting to put together a final "check-cut" of the film.

It's probably safe to assume that he OK'd each of the changes made to the film, including many of those mystifying, "why-the-hell-did-he-trim-that?" edits. Though I've long wondered whether some of the later DE cuts were his idea personally, or suggestions of the editorial staff working under him.
Right. To call it a "fan edit" is false, heck, Wise has a better idea of good editing than most fans would claim (though not the best, if that masturbatory scene of Kirk looking at the Enterprise for five minutes says something). If the DE is anything it's a more polished version of TMP, something we may have gotten had he been allowed the time. Kind of like the BLADE RUNNER final cut, which is similar to the labeled "Director's Cut" but is actually more properly edited/pieced together.
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