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Re: Amok Time repercussions?

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Why should an alien culture have to act like humans?
They don't. It's just nice if they act as rational beings when we're told this is the core of their identity. To skip ahead a bit:

As a side note, I despise the way Trek fans throw around the word logical. Logical does not mean something will be peaceful, happy, compassionate, benign or in anyway nice.
Strictly speaking, the word "logic" does not mean this, no. But the way it is used in the show -- and I agree it's something of a misnomer, but we're stuck with it -- is precisely to mean benign, reasonable and nice, something like "humaneness" and rationality. We are told this over and over. Vulcan logic is specifically an antidote to the irrational violence and the destructive passions of the past, and it saved them from destroying themselves.


Their species has a biological urge to mate which will bring on large numbers of rape murder binges if not dealt with.
Unfortunately this just makes the problem worse. This being true, why would you solve a problem like this with ritual combat? It makes eminent sense for the pre-rational warrior culture of which the ritual is presumably a holdover, but not for the rationalistic culture we're repeatedly told the Vulcans now are. That it is employed "logically" in the story doesn't change the fact that the story's revolving around such a device creates difficulties.
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