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Re: Peter David comic book story

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I had been of the understanding (erroneous now, I can see) that he worked for Paramount when in reality he worked directly for Roddenberry, so yeah, I can see him being out of a job when Paramount rolled up Rod's office.
I think Richard's position was at least part-paid for by Paramount. Roddenberry convinced them an Archivist was needed when ST IV made so much money.

When Roddenberry passed away, they let Richard go and Guy Vardaman (who'd been his assistant) held the fort, finding images for the "Star Trek Fact Files", etc.

But I remember reading tales on the BBS about Arnold being difficult to deal with (and read a rumor that he had been brusquely escorted off property the day after Roddenberry's death)
Richard and Susan were "locked out" of the office the day after Gene died. This is normal procedure in showbiz, to stop disgruntled employees sabotaging things. A friend of mine was a clerical assistant of a big wheel in cinema distribution - for almost 20 years and she was "locked out" - and escorted off the premises, possessions in a box - when her boss got forcibly retrenched.

which it looks to me like they then filled with Guy Vardaman.

I don't know what kind of a "hands-on" guy Roddenberry was while Arnold was working for him, whether he trusted Arnold's take on the material or whether he just didn't want to be bothered with it.
GR was getting very ill by the end of Season One of TNG. I guess he found someone he believed would steadfastly examine each piece with GR's philosophy in mind.

I might get a little surly and demanding myself while dealing with exceptionally shitty ideas.
Approach Richard at a convention and talk to him. He enjoys talking to fans.
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