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Re: Amok Time repercussions?

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What's the solution then?
Honestly, there isn't one that salvages the episode.

- What would make most sense would be for Vulcan culture to not betroth kids at the age of seven, or

- If they're going to do so to at least employ a class of pon farr courtesans or something as a fallback in case the betrothal doesn't work out (not exactly the kind of thing you'd want to discuss with outsiders either, but surely far preferable to still having battles to the death when you're the galaxy's ambassadors of "logic"). Beyond that,

- It also probably helps if, when someone tries to evoke obsolete customs, the culture of logic has a habit of saying: "Yes, we recognize that's still technically a custom, now please make a logical case for why we should actually solve a problem this way in our day and age."

All boringly functional, of course. "Spock experiences pon farr, goes home and gets laid" doesn't make for much of an episode.

Perhaps a better idea might have been to make this whole cultural feature part of another alien society entirely in which it makes more sense, and have a visiting guest star get Enterprise and her crew entangled in the mess. But that unfortunately loses pon farr as a Vulcan trait, one of the genuinely interesting atavistic holdovers from the species' past and one of the things that makes them feel like something more than just a riff on "logic." So, maybe there's another solution? I couldn't say.
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