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Re: Amok Time repercussions?

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Its not really a choice though is it?
Its a biological necessity. I suppose the ritual and the weapons are niceties but in the end someone has to die if challenge is made.
One would think, all the more reason to make the effort to disavow rituals that force do-the-death challenges on your people who have supposedly embraced logic to put an end to unnecessary violence. (The idea of there being some ritualistic baggage in Vulcan culture isn't bad, but the notion that this supposedly hyper-intellectual culture left a detail like this to chance is... like, not impossible, just incredibly bizarre.)
What's the solution then?

If a woman challenges then just put the rejected guy to death humanely? He needs a girl/boy to link with or have sex with or he's going to die painfully. So at least the fight gives him a chance.

And I think from the script he needs the fight to get out of plak tow or the consumation of the marriage.
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