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Re: Homosexuals and Deltans

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If you mean they can change part of a person's brain so that they are no longer homosexual, I will admit that it may actually be possible ...
A person's sexuality has a lot to do with their overall brain architecture, so it wouldn't just be a matter of changing part of their brain, you'd have to rebuilt the whole structure. Realistically, this would have to happen genetically prior to conception.
I tihnk they would be able to do it in Trek, what with all the other crazy stuff they do.

but the question we must ask is... WHY?
Eugenics, sociological control, political ideology.
None of which seem to apply to the Federation.

But in that case, the current host were "channeling" former hosts who were married. One of the former hosts was male, and the other female. Star Trek has never shown a gay relationship or marriage.
Perhaps, but I doubt it. I can't imagine Sisko being okay with Dax having a relationship with Lenara, but then being aghast at the idea of Dax and Kira.

The production staff certainly did.
The production staff don't exist in-unioverse.

I would disagree, every marriage depicted in-universe was heterosexual, every relationship the same. There was never even a hint of a actual gay character.

Then explain the lack of gays in the future.
How many gay people did I pass when I walking down the city street just now? Probably quite a few. Just because it isn't immediately obvious that a person is gay, doesn't mean they aren't. Maybe Ensign Rager is a lesbian. Maybe Wesley is bi. I'd say Riker could be pansexual, given that he was once in love with a woman who came from a species with only one gender!
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