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Re: Homosexuals and Deltans

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I'm not sure I buy there being a "gay gene." By the very nature of homosexuality, wouldn't it have bred itself out by now if there was?

I still think it comes down to choice and that's all it is. I'm pretty sure there isn't a gene that makes me find brunettes more attractive than blondes. Let people live their lives as they choose. Trying to explain personal lifestyle choices with science is... silly.
Being gay is not a choice. I never chose to be straight, and I doubt you did either. So either people choose to be gay (in which case it seems that anyone who is faced with the choice chooses to be gay, so how is it a choice?) or people don't choose to be gay.

In any case, having Down's Syndrome is very much genetic, and it hasn't bred itself out, so your argument that a gay "gene" would have been bred out of humanity is a flawed one.
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