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Determining whether the Baku have sovereignty or not should not be the responsibility of a body which has a vested interest in a 'negative' outcome, legally or morally.
Okay, by that reasoning the determination could not be made by the Baku either. Or the Sona.

Would you like to suggest a neutral third party?

We only even have Dougherty's word that the mission is even really approved by the Council at all.
We only have Anij's word that the Baku have been on the planet for three centuries.

Dougherty ... He certainly seems extremely nervous about the idea of the Enterprise contacting the Council itself to denounce the mission.
I saw no nervousness.

... stacked with Dougherty's political buddies.
Dougherty's? My take is that he was brought in only after the Council made the decision to proceed, and he would have been assigned by Starfleet Command.

It made no difference if they (simplistically) "got there first."
Then it would make no difference if Federation colonies were torn apart by enemy powers who wanted their territory.
Ensigns of Command. Humans (simplistically) got there first, but this didn't grant them ownership or sovereignty over the planet. As it turns out, the planet was in someone else space.

By this standard, any colony can be uprooted for any reason.
It's important to remember that the Baku were being removed solely to prevent them from being killed by the harvesting of the particles. If the harvesting process wasn't going to kill the Baku, likely no effort would have been made to move them.

The point, however, is the Federation's rules are supposed to be a little more fair-minded than 'want, take, have'.
But the Federation also isn't a bunch of pushovers, just because the pretty tree-hugging white people are all soft and defenseless, doesn't mean that the Federation now has to back off.

If might doesn't make right, can't the same thing be said about being weak.

The particles will help billions. Not several hundred in a quaint little village ... billions. The fact is the Federation is ultimately the altruistic party here, the Baku (once Picard told them the truth) were being selfish by not voluntarily leaving. They were earlier being selfish by not tell the surrounding galaxy the truth shortly after arriving on the planet.

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