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Re: Star Trek Continues - Kickstarter Campaign

Loken wrote: View Post
So either the above post was acceptable, or it was not. Which is it? As I am confused. If it is NOT then it should be removed. If it is acceptable then what is the line that should not be crossed?
The answer is: the above post was indeed unacceptable and had to be edited.

I think what you are missing, Alec, is that the original post was unacceptable and was edited before you ever saw it. The hypertext link that was provided in the post that linked directly to Continues’ Kickstarter campaign page has been deleted from the post. TrekBBS readers will now have to do some hunting on their own if they want to contribute to this fan production’s crowdfunding campaign.

The instructions provided to the TrekBBS moderators might be of some value (although take them with a grain of salt):

"You are responsible for making sure that no posts made in your forum violate the TrekBBS Rules. You were chosen as a moderator because you are the epitome of a good poster: you have shown a strong interest in discussion here and know how to conduct yourself maturely....You can edit any post in your forum in the same manner as you'd edit one of your own. You should never delete posts or threads unless REALLY necessary: an edit is ALWAYS better than a delete."

So, rather than deleting the post in its entirety, the hypertext link contained in the post was simply removed.

It always has been a bit of a challenge figuring how to interpret the intent of the newest of our TrekBBS rules:

"Do not attempt to solicit other BBS members: posting to sell or endorse a product or web site will not be permitted."

No selling? Sure—we get that: members were posting “Buy my book!” or “Buy my artwork!” or “Buy my prop reproductions!” So the “no soliciting” rule was added to the official board rules to prevent people from simply hawking their products. But then along came crowdfunding—to which the Fan Productions board is particularly susceptible. Are Kickstarter campaign announcements such prohibited “solicitations?” How about “I’ve seen early visual effects from Axanar, and I’d like to endorse that production?” Is that endorsement prohibited?

So, as policemen who enforce the forum rules (rather than as legislators who create those rules), we do the best we can. Unless and until we get better instructions on the dichotomy between solicitations for crowdfunding campaigns and the instructions to us moderators that “an edit is ALWAYS better than a delete,” I think the “line that should not be crossed” that you are looking for is, at least for the time being, providing a direct hypertext link to a crowdfunding campaign.

But your input on how the “Do not attempt to solicit other BBS members: posting to sell or endorse a product or web site will not be permitted" rule should best be enforced by the moderation team is welcome over on the TrekBBS “Questions, Suggestions & Feedback” board. (That would also be the place to make any recommendation regarding the development of a crowdfunding-specific clarifying rule for the TrekBBS forum.)
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