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I assume the 'Special Longer Version' could be done in HD however, because it was sourced from original assets that probably still exist in the vaults. It'd just be a case of tracking down the relevant negatives, scanning everything and then splicing it together to match the previous SLV.
I think that all the negatives where there when they did the DE. Some scenes from the SLV turned up in the DE, some as deleted scenes. No idea if those came from the original negatives, though.
Not everything in the DE came from the original negatives. The new special effect sequences (which Wikipedia tells me comprised "90 new and redesigned computer-generated images") were done digitally, and as I am led to understand it the assets used back in 2001 to construct these sequences no longer exist. So those sequences, at the very least, would have to either be cut (which would remove the whole point of the Director's Edition), or replaced completely with brand new versions remade with HD technology (which would be costly for the studio). Neither seems very likely.

As you say, in theory a number of the trims, cuts and redubbed live-action scenes from the DE could be made by simply scanning those negatives and then making the changes to reflect how they appeared in the DE. But those particular new special effects sequences could be what tips a release of the DE in Blu Ray format into the "too hard" basket.
You're talking about the DE, I was talking about the SLV ... referring to the post that I quoted. And I do think that all the negatives needed for the SLV were there when they did the DE, because all of the scenes turned up one way or the other on the DE DVD.

Regarding the DE, I coudn't care less ... I watched it once, and I will never watch it again. I think it's just wrong to fiddle with a movie's fx some 20 years after its release. But I've said that many times before, no need to revive that discussion again.
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