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Re: What's the beef with Chakotay?

And don't forget his nickname.. "Planky"

But now I feel guilty because I have always supported my DEAR FRIENDS the J/C'ers despite not sharing their camp (because it needs more camp.. *cough*) and they will be reading this feeling possibly somewhat pained.

Janeway should sex it with whomever she likes.

IF (see, the generous "if") she wants to frak Chak which could be a great new piece of rhyming slang she should totally go for it and I will stand outside her quarters silently cheering her on even if my fingers are in my ears.

I expect someone will now point out that this is the future and starships are soundproof so the fingers in the ears thing would be unnecessary other than as symbolic protest. However 7 proved otherwise in her quip at B'Elanna about everyone on deck 9 section 12 knowing when Tom and B'Elanna were having relations. Of course, there's some Klingon in that mix so this bit of Voyager shipfail lore may not apply.

I picture Chak doing it very very quietly.

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