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Re: I guess the writers of Nemesis never went to this restaurant

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Thank you, Melakon. That was precisely my point. I clicked on and got the joke. However, it simply isn't wise to post a link without further comment.
Sorry gotta disagree. The joke is a picture, has to be a link because if I post the picture itself I'm told it's bandwidth theft. If one has to explain a joke it's not funny, so just I wrote a title contextualizing it to Star Trek, I never thought anyone would be so dumb as to suppose it's a restaurant ad. And btw it's hard to come with new topics or jokes about a movie that's 10+ years old and not very good, if all posts must be brilliant so this board risks turning into a frozen desert. Loose the tie.
You didn't contextualize it enough. A better explanation is required in the future if you want to do something like this again.
I won't. Happy moderating.

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