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Re: Khan the most dangerous enemy of the original crew?

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How so? If I say 'Pizza is one of my absolute favorite foods', it doesn't mean I love donuts any less. Something doesn't have to be the best/worst thing in the universe to be taken seriously.
You're not a character in film where the villain is pizza. Sometimes in film characters say things that contribute to tone, plot or theme of the film.
And just because I call someone 'one of' America's most wanted instead of just 'America's most wanted', you seriously think the audience is going to think 'Oh, well, if he's just one of, then this whole thing must be pretty tame. You can't be a bad-ass when you're just one of.'

I find that non-sensical logic.
Oh you can, but it serves the film better if you hype up the villain. Make him as bad ass as possible. Being Number One on the FBI's Most Wanted List means more than being Number Ten. Having a Number One NYT Bestseller is better than just appearing on a list of ten. Winning a Gold Medal is better than winning the Bronze. Telling someone they are the love of your life is better than saying you're someone I've dated.

Makes perfect sense if you're trying to get a point across, even if it's hyperbole.
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