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Re: The Enemy of the World - Grading & Discuss

At two episodes in...
Does seem to confirm that the surviving episode three was the runt of the litter (as with Underwater Menace, and possibly Space Pirates... except there it's 2, obviously). Costume design is spot on for what is basically a political drama in some future version fo the Napoleonic/Roman society. And a really rather good one, a match for the Power Game or The Caesars.
Episode one not as good as I'd hoped (the rewrite from crowded resort to deserted beach does leave a few lulls), but still...
I do begin to think that 'mediocre' stories are far more likely to be enjoyable when recovered than classics (but am hoping not to be disappointed by Web in a few episodes' time). Certainly, I can see Enemy creeping up into the top three of the season come the 50th anniversary poll...
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