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Re: When the Captain's Away: ENT Version


He handled the situation in the Vulcan arc really well. And when Reed questioned his decision to alert the Andorians, he treated Reed like and adult and reponded civily.

REED: I've got two teams working on it. Both launchers should be online in a few hours.
TUCKER: Anything else?
REED: Permission to speak freely? Admiral Gardner ordered us to return to Earth, yet we've set a course for Andorian territory.
TUCKER: We are going back. We're just taking a small detour first.
REED: Have you told Starfleet you're planning to warn the Andorians?
REED: Have you any idea what the Admiral will do when he finds out?
TUCKER: I'll save you a seat at my court-martial. Is there anything else?
REED: The Vulcans have legitimate reasons for launching this strike. If we alert the Andorians, we will be betraying our closest ally.
TUCKER: I'm trying to prevent a war, Malcolm. A war that Earth could get draw into.
REED: With all due respect, sir, we shouldn't get involved.
TUCKER: We're already involved. (doorbell) Come in.
(Soval enters)
TUCKER: That'll be all, Lieutenant.
REED: Sir?
TUCKER: Dismissed.
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