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Re: Amok Time repercussions?

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That's something illogical enough that a magistrate among us funky Earth monkeys in the present day (or even the Deep Dark Sixties) would laugh it out of the room; it's as though someone in my hometown tried to get the local courts to run him out of town so he could be given the horse and shotgun the law still technically promises in those circumstances... and our soberest, most respected judge gravely accepted.
Quite illogical, yes, and yet ... well, there was Ashford v Thornton, upholding the medieval and centuries-abandoned right of trial by battle (in a case appealing a murder acquittal), which the judges had to admit was ridiculous yet still on the books. Granted, 1818 England is not the exemplar of reason that 23rd century Vulcan ought to be, but, much of the point of T'Pring demanding combat was that this was something that was on the books centuries past the point that it still made any sense.

(In Britain the trial-by-battle was finally repealed after this nonsense established that it was still in existence. Perhaps something parallel happened on Vulcan. But the social attitude of the Vulcans not bothering to change part of a ritual ceremony when the objectionable part is just not done anyway feels natural enough to me.)
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