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Re: Homosexuals and Deltans

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If you mean they can change part of a person's brain so that they are no longer homosexual, I will admit that it may actually be possible ...
A person's sexuality has a lot to do with their overall brain architecture, so it wouldn't just be a matter of changing part of their brain, you'd have to rebuilt the whole structure. Realistically, this would have to happen genetically prior to conception.

but the question we must ask is... WHY?
Eugenics, sociological control, political ideology.

After all, when Jadzia was going after Lenara, no one at all was concerned that it was two women.
But in that case, the current host were "channeling" former hosts who were married. One of the former hosts was male, and the other female. Star Trek has never shown a gay relationship or marriage.

People in trek don't seem to see homosexuality as a problem.
The production staff certainly did.

They seem to view homosexuality much the same way that we view left-handed-ness something that was stupidly worried about in the past but is really no big deal.
I would disagree, every marriage depicted in-universe was heterosexual, every relationship the same. There was never even a hint of a actual gay character.

Or a deal at all. So for the people of the 24th century to work to change people so they aren't gay makes about as much sense as people in our society working to cure left-handedness.
Then explain the lack of gays in the future.

GoRe Star wrote: View Post
I'm not sure I buy there being a "gay gene."
Not a single gene to be sure.

By the very nature of homosexuality, wouldn't it have bred itself out by now if there was?
That isn't how heredity works. It has to do with dominant and recessive alleles, just because you and your partner have brown eyes, does stop your child from having blue eyes.

Just because you and your partner are both heterosexual, does stop your child from being born gay.

'm pretty sure there isn't a gene that makes me find brunettes more attractive than blondes.
But whether you're attracted to brunette men or brunette women is genetic.

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