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Re: Amok Time repercussions?

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^ You're comparing Vulcan ritual to civil law. In fact, the culture as presented is much more based on orthodox religion. Under Nimoy's significant influence, the mentality of orthodox Judaism came to be embodied in the way the Vulcans were portrayed.
True as that is (and I think your subsequent comments about Spock and family as a metaphor for Jewish life in America are right on the money), rabbinic Judaism also has a significant juridical aspect and a vast tradition of debate over the law -- and the ability even among the most orthodox to reject laws and customs that do not make sense. (The number of archaic customs orthodox Judaism retains are dwarfed by the number of scripturally-ordained customs it no longer uses.) So for example, you'd think that, given Surak's whole deal was supposed to have been about purging violence through the embrace of logic, this is one particular ritual that would have stood out for that reason.

(Although, maybe Surak and the reasons behind logic hadn't come up yet by this point in the series?)
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