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Re: Should Chapel Have Become a Doctor?

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So we know that sometime between TOS and TMP, Christine Chapel went to medical school and became a doctor.
Not to be nitpicky, but medical school lasts four years. Chapel was likely already enrolled as a medical student sometime during the five-year mission, as the two-and-a-half years that elapsed between TOS and TMP would not have been enough time for her to complete her degree.

CoveZombie wrote:
Did having Chapel being "promoted" to doctor actually send the wrong message about the importance of nurses?
I don't think so. For starters, it's never made clear why Chapel opted for the career change. Maybe becoming a physician was what she always wanted but never had the opportunity until she'd spent several years as a nurse. Maybe she realized she wanted a different role in patient care because of her work with McCoy. If one takes the time to look at age trends of people who attend medical school, the average age of enrollment is increasing. It's not twenty two or twenty three. It's twenty seven and rising.

I was twenty two when I started medical school, but there are fewer people like me around now than there were several decades ago.

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