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Re: Amok Time repercussions?

Honestly, what bothers me most about "Amok Time" is that there's a medieval fight-to-the-death ritual still on the books on Vulcan that the Elders will allow to be pressed into service in the modern age.

That's something illogical enough that a magistrate among us funky Earth monkeys in the present day (or even the Deep Dark Sixties) would laugh it out of the room; it's as though someone in my hometown tried to get the local courts to run him out of town so he could be given the horse and shotgun the law still technically promises in those circumstances... and our soberest, most respected judge gravely accepted.

It's also rather illogical for the Vulcans to be so uptight about acknowledging and dealing with the Pon Farr in the first place, but that I'm willing to let go since the shakiness and contradictions in Vulcan claims to "logic" are part of what make their culture feel organic.
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